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Rehabilitation Pilates

Rehabilitation Pilates

Rehabilitation Pilates is effective treatment

The Balaclava St. Kilda Physiotherapy Centre has been conducting Clinical Pilates classes for over 6 years. Clinical Pilates at BSPC has proven to be highly successful in the management of conditions such as lower back pain, chronic shoulder and neck pain, posture related conditions such as headaches, sporting injuries including osteitis pubis, chronic hamstring and groin injuries, pre and post pregnancy related issues and general conditions attributed to poor core stability and control.

Our Pilates Studio

The Clinical Pilates sessions are conducted by physiotherapists who have training specifically in Clinical Pilates. This means that their understanding of your condition and injury is maximized and allows them to incorporate physiotherapy into your management if required.

Successful Clinical Pilates program

Elise Lenssen, our senior Pilates physiotherapist, has been instrumental in developing the successful clinical Pilates program at BSPC. Elise studied physiotherapy and Pilates in New Zealand and joined BSPC in 2008. Elise also comes from a dance background and integrates her vast Pilates and exercise knowledge with her physiotherapy skills to provide quality care treatment.

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Pilates FAQ

Q:Is Clinical Pilates for me?

Clinical Pilates can be beneficial for people:

With musculoskeletal pain such as neck, back and joint pain or stiffness
With postural weakness (particularly associated with sedentary jobs)
With core weakness
Following sporting, work or general injury
Following surgery
Who require pre or post natal strengthening and care
Essentially we tailor the exercises to each individual’s needs and as such Clinical Pilates is beneficial for almost everyone. Speak to us for ways in which it can help you.

Q:How long are the sessions?

All sessions including initial assessment, follow up consultation and small studio classes are of 30 minutes duration.

Q:How much does it cost?

Initial assessment: $75
One on one session: $60
Two on one session: $40
Prime time session (three on one): $35

All Pilates is available for private health care rebate (depending on your cover).

Q:How long do I need to do Clinical Pilates for?

Clinical Pilates is designed as a ‘stepping stone’ for people to return from pain or injury to the gym, or their normal exercise routine. Many people find they enjoy and benefit from Clinical Pilates such that they choose to continue indefinitely. Speak to your physiotherapist for more information about the expected time frame for your recovery.

Q:When do classes run?

We have studio classes running Monday to Saturday throughout the day; early and mid morning, early afternoon and early evening. Contact us for times available that will suit you.

Highly professional and effective rehabilitation Pilates

Additional to Elise, both Noga Scharf who joined our team in 2012 and Chantelle Mckenzie, who joined late 2014 make up our Clinical Pilates team. All have experience in rehabilitative Pilates and work well in unison to provide high level physiotherapy and Pilates therapy (see our team for more detail).

For over 30 years the physiotherapists at Balaclava St. Kilda Physiotherapy Centre have catered for patients from the surrounding suburbs of Balaclava and continue to strive to provide quality care physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates.