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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation is effective treatment

The Balaclava St. Kilda Physiotherapy Centre run physiotherapy rehabilitation classes with 2 or 3 patients in each class. These rehabilitation focused classes aim to restore your muscle strength, stability and control post injury, we use an evidence-based approach of exercises, incorporating reformer and mat Pilates exercises.

Our Pilates Studio

Our physiotherapists will take you through a one on one initial assessment to assess your core strength and any muscle weaknesses that need to be addressed through individually tailored exercises. This type of exercise is ideal for any acute injuries that are ready for the rehabilitation phase, chronic back pain, postural related injuries, pre and post pregnancy and much more. We work towards a goal to transition you back into pre-injury activity, for example gym-based exercises, running, sport etc once appropriate.

For over 30 years the physiotherapists at Balaclava St. Kilda Physiotherapy Centre have catered for patients from the surrounding suburbs of Balaclava and continue to strive to provide quality care physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Pilates.