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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

Strengthening & Fitness

BSPC offers mat Pilates classes for general strengthening and fitness. The classes are designed by our physiotherapists in conjunction with our experienced Pilates instructor Michelle Rosenberg.

Maintain and improve your health

The class is designed for Lower Back rehabilitation. The Pilates for Lower Backs class is perfect for those looking to maintain or improve the health of their lumbar spines

Classes run every Saturday morning

Class numbers are small, there are only 10 people per class so we are able to provide close guidance to ensure good technique and cater to all levels of fitness and Pilates experience, from beginner to advanced.

You will not find this level of supervision in any gym class!

Classes run every Saturday morning and pre-booking is required by calling (03) 9527 7532.
Cost is only $20 per session.