Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is aimed at assisting the individual remain at or return to work. Physiotherapists are in a unique position to assist this process.

Role of physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are recognised as having the skills and expertise required to undertake workplace assessments. Any registered physiotherapist, after consultation with the patient's employer, can conduct a workplace assessment of the duties conducted by the patient.

This allows the physiotherapist to treat the injury and to identify the possible cause, thereby reducing the likelihood of further injury for that patient and other staff undertaking the task. Physiotherapists can help the patient to return to work if it has been necessary for the patient to have time off.

Benefits of physiotherapy

Through their knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and ergonomics physiotherapists can provide information regarding:
bullet the current physical capabilities of the patient;
bullet safe and realistic return to work restrictions;
bullet the appropriateness of duties being offered to the patient by their employer;
bullet work practices to reduce the likelihood of injury recurrence;
bullet specific exercise programs based on the patient's work requirements to facilitate work conditioning and the patient's return to work as early as is appropriate;
bullet prevention of injury through the provision of training in areas such as working posture, manual handling techniques, office ergonomics, stretching and flexibility exercises, and work practices.

Finding a physiotherapist

A number of physiotherapists specialise in the area of occupational health, and have undertaken postgraduate studies in areas of ergonomics, occupational health, and risk management. 

Would you like the names of physiotherapists who have a special interest in vocational rehabilitation?  This falls under the categories of ergonomics and occupational health. i Call us on (03) 9527 7532 or contact us here.

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