Stress Management

Stress and its management in the community is a growing issue for many health practitioners.

Physiotherapists offer a number of stress management techniques and treatments which can help to improve a patient's health and well-being, whether it be specially designed stress management programs, exercise programs, massage, muscle relaxation or general fitness advice.

Role of physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use an initial assessment to clarify the nature of the problem and develop strategies and treatment which are acceptable to the individual.

Treatment can take the form of individual consultation, group relaxation classes, relaxation audio tapes or information sessions for the general public. As part of the treatment program, physiotherapists offer close professional follow up with the patient to ensure a positive treatment outcome.

Physiotherapists with a special interest in stress management can offer many different types of relaxation therapy including guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, thought stopping, stretching, massage and general fitness advice.

Benefits of physiotherapy

Research continues to indicate a positive correlation between a person's ability to cope with stressors and the likelihood of disease during their lifetime.

Physiotherapy can assist by:
bullet reducing muscle tension;
bullet increasing vitality and decreasing reported tiredness;
bullet improving concentration span;
bullet improving feeling of general well-being;
bullet decreasing blood pressure;
bullet reducing risk of cardiovascular disease;
bullet improving attitude to work and leisure activity;
bullet reducing pain states such as headache, chronic pain syndromes and work related anxiety;
bullet possibly decreasing dosage of psycho-active medication.

Finding a physiotherapist

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