Posture Management

Most postures can be sustained for a short time however certain sitting or standing postures can place increased pressures on discs. Prolonged periods in these postures can cause adaptive shortening of various tissues. This may be associated with musculoskeletal discomfort and dysfunction in some people.

Physiotherapists are trained in the assessment of posture and ergonomics and can assist in managing postural problems.

Role of physiotherapy

Muscle tightness, resulting from prolonged postures and associated pre-existing characteristics, can lead to changes in pressure distribution over joint surfaces and may lead to degeneration. Poor prolonged posture will also result in weakening of postural muscles making it increasingly difficult to attain better posture.

A physiotherapist can help and will begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the patient's posture. This can include:
bullet detailed postural observation
bullet muscle length, strength and muscle control testing
bullet full joint assessment
bullet evaluation of functional tasks
Benefits of physiotherapy

The latest developments in physiotherapy research have recognised the importance of specific stabilising muscles such as transversus abdominis, multifidus, scapular stabilising muscles and the deep neck flexors on posture.

Physiotherapists use pressure biofeedback units to assess and facilitate the function of these muscles. This method can be successful in treating posture-related neck and back pain. Other useful physiotherapy techniques include postural taping and education on postural awareness at work, home and during recreation. Physiotherapists will also use hands on techniques to treat joint problems by specific joint mobilisation and manipulation.

Physiotherapists can visit worksites to assess the patient's working posture and physical demands of the job and to provide advice and modifications where necessary.

By seeking the advice and treatment of physiotherapists in the management of postural conditions, patients can experience significant improvements in their pain and functional capacity and prevent recurrence of the problem.

Finding a physiotherapist

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