Getting Fit to Ski

Want to get the most out of your skiing?

For over ten years now the Australian Physiotherapy Association has offered an excellent all-round fitness program for both skiers and snowboarders at all levels. The "Get Fit To Ski" program is conducted and supervised by qualified physiotherapists with a passion for skiing.

The program was developed to help prevent injuries and ensure maximum fitness prior to the start of the ski season. The program is tailored to the participant's skiing level and helps develop the specific skills required for skiing.

The program runs annually just prior to the ski season. Classes are conducted twice a week at various venues around Australia.

Benefits of the Program

The classes consist of an aerobic component followed by a circuit of ski-specific exercises. The aerobics session lasts for 10-15 minutes beginning with a warm-up and stretches, and is followed by a series of exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength.

The circuit can have up to 25 specific exercises using a variety of equipment. The exercises work on specific ski fitness - strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness - and are designed to strengthen muscles important to skiing, particularly quadriceps, calves and triceps. Other exercises aim to improve skiing techniques and coordination by simulating the action of downhill and cross country skiing and snowboarding. The exercises are progressed over the course of the program in both endurance and degree of difficulty. The classes finish with a cool-down session of about 15 minutes.

Participants are encouraged to complement the classes with some other form of exercise once or twice a week to effectively build up aerobic fitness.

Education is also an important part of the program and physiotherapy instructors conduct talks on stretching for skiing, nutrition, ski and boot fitting, and ski waxing.

Who to Contact

Get Fit To Ski classes are run through the APA or individual physiotherapy practices. 

Would you like the names of physiotherapists who have a special interest in Get Fit to Ski?  This falls under the categories of Sports and Musculoskeletal. Call us on (03) 9527 7532 or contact us here.

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By courtesy of the Australian Physiotherapy Association