Your Child's Development

The development of movement in children is a normal process which we take for granted. However sometimes a baby or young children shows a delay in achieving particular movement skills and needs assistance. Physiotherapists are trained to recognise and treat these problems of movement and posture.
Why Your Child May Need Physiotherapy

If your child has any of the following problems, then it is very likely that physiotherapy can help.
bullet Slow to achieve rolling, sitting, crawling, walking.
bullet Difficult to settle, feed or handle.
bullet Disinterested in people and toys.
bullet Too "stiff" or too "floppy" and dislikes being moved; or strongly favours the use of one side of the body.
bullet Appears clumsy, has problems with ball skills, balance or co-ordination which affects play with other children.
bullet Unable to concentrate or give attention to an activity, e.g. at school.
bullet Showing poor posture in sitting or standing.

What Physiotherapists Do

Physiotherapists have detailed knowledge of all aspects of a child's development and are skilled at assessing and treating movement problems. Physiotherapists work in hospitals, community-based health centres, special centres, pre-schools, schools, private practice or visit at home.

bullet Assess your child's problem.
bullet Devise a special programme for your child's individual needs. This may include purposeful play using toys, ball games, balance and climbing activities, or specialised equipment.
bullet Encourage reach and grasp, eye-hand co-ordination, body movement and exploration, achievement of sitting and walking, improved balance and co-ordination, muscle strength and flexibility.
bullet Help you understand your child's problems and teach you to encourage normal movement when you are dressing, bathing or playing with your child.
bullet Advise you on suitable equipment, footwear and toys for home and school use. Refer you and your child to other services as necessary e.g. doctors, other therapists.

Where to Get Help for Your Child

If you are concerned about your child's development, you can enquire about physiotherapy services by phoning:
bullet The Physiotherapy Department of the children's hospital in your state.
bullet The Australian Physiotherapy Association in your state and ask for the Paediatric Group contact person.
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