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Clive Lipinski is both a registered acupuncturist as well as a sports physiotherapist. He is registered with the Chinese Medical Registration Board. Clive’s training was done during the late 1990’s at the Melbourne College of Acupuncture which was affiliated with the University of Beijing.

Cliive Lipinski - Sports Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist

The use of acupuncture is combined both with his treatment of musculoskeletal problems where the acupuncture is basically used as a modality to facilitate energy flow through the structure that is at fault. It has enormous benefits on swollen joints, as well as assisting greatly with arthritic pain, sciatica, shoulder injuries and muscle tears.

Clive also practices traditional acupuncture and is particularly interested in using these techniques to balance his patients. He finds that once a person is in balance, the symptoms that the person is feeling dissipate.

Clive Lipinski - Sports Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist

He uses this particularly when treating people with chronic fatigue, which he has had enormous success with. It is also used to help increase fertility and generally strengthen the vital force pertaining to most medical conditions.

Acupuncture is used extensively in the practice for the treatment of sinus situs and allergic conditions. Clive uses Sierin type acupuncture needles which are the sharpest and best needles in the world and his treatment is essentially pain free.

He does also use a space laser for patients that have a strong eversion to needles as well as those that are on blood thinning medication.
The acupuncture treatment can be rebateable, depending on your level and type of insurance cover. The average length of a treatment is around 30 minutes.